Yashy is one of Lucy's many pets alongside Blur, Lily and Chirpy. Hot-headed and a troublemaker, Yashy is out to accomplish her two personal goals, one to prove she is more than just a pet, and the other to ease the tension of the ensuing romance between her Mother, and her estranged would-be Father (Mike).

Yashy is one of the more prominent pet characters throughout the comic having made many more appearances alongside the other pet characters, but is also the only pet who makes frequent trips to school with Lucy. She held common appearances throughout Volume 1, but started to make less of an appearance when the kids start High-school. Following Lucy's departure and subsequent return to Roseville, Yashy along with the other pets has yet to make an appearance. Her birthday is on September 1.


Yashy is considered one of the more outspoken and confident characters through the series, never being shy to speak her own mind or be a leader instead of being a follower. It should also be noted that she ends a lot of her sentences with “man” and has a tendency to take a few letters off of her words, abbreviating “spooking” into “spookin’” and “want to” into “wanna”. She’s a relatively brash character through the whole series, being used for comic relief and only getting serious with the cast on a few occasions.


Yashy is a green bipedal lizard. Her original design was based on the Yoshi Nintendo character before the comic began serialisation. Some of these traits have made it into the comic as gags, particularly Yashy is able to use her tongue, but has chose not to ever since Chapter 1 of the comic and is only seen using this within Chirpy’s Introduction. Yashy has dressed up in the past and was depicted in a cape with fangs for her Halloween costume in Mischief Night.


Before BCB Volume One: Edit

Yashy was discovered inside of an egg in a bush by Lucy through an accident towards the end of third grade, where she was taken in and held until she hatched later that year (Starting Over, Development of Friendship). Before the events of Chapter 1, Yashy is seen complaining about Chirpy receiving all of the attention, before being hit by Mike and telling them that he would be a potentially terrible father. When Blur interjects and says that he was raised by Mike, Yashy brings up the aforementioned hitting and asks him if he hits girls, to which Blur replies by telling Yashy that she isn’t a girl. Yashy responds by chasing him and re-appears several pages later, holding Blur, who is tied up. When Yashy gets told that she always ruins the moments between Lucy and Mike, she proclaims that’s a lie, but Mike goes on to state several examples, saying it would “take an entire page”. Such examples include Yashy bringing in condoms, claiming that Mike has an STD and saying that he practices polygamy. When Yashy states that it makes her absolutely priceless, she gets tied up by Mike, with Blur thanking him, although she was most likely untied over the course of the night. (Unfulfilled Dayyyy) During an unrelated school day, Mike is seen whispering something into Lucy’s deaf ear, with Yashy claiming that she heard what Mike whispered. She’s seen covering her ears when Lucy yells at Mike and is picked up by Lily to be taken home while Lucy has some business with Mike. It should also be noted that this is the first instance in which Yashy uses the word whore against Daisy. She’s seen saying “Oww” at the end of the chapter, although her reasons for doing so are unknown. (The First Meeting.)

During the baseball chapter in (Up to Bat), Yashy is seen hitting the baseball during her turn to bat, but this ball is immediately brought back to her, indicating that she has lost. She proceeds to accuse Paulo of cheating, but her accusations are turned down, leading her to stomp on his foot and beat him with the baseball bat while jumping on him. She also exposes his cheating, as he was storing baseballs in his pocket the entire time, meaning that Paulo was never actually getting the balls. During a later round, Yashy accuses Paulo of cheating yet again, although she seems to be in the wrong this time around, before performing the same beating from before. She is then pulled away from Paulo, but returns, before being taken away in a net. When Paulo asks Lucy for help with his homework, Yashy glares at Paulo, which makes him retract his question. In a small gag panel within (Development of Friendship), Yashy makes a comment towards Mike’s “bone”, before being seen hanging over a pit of fire several panels later, although it’s made clear that this was just a gag panel. During (Chirpy’s Introduction), Yashy realizes that Chirpy is trying to talk to her at the start of the comic and is asked where they’re going. When Yashy doesn’t have an answer, she begins a monologue in which she addresses the reader, telling them that obtaining Chirpy is bound to be a long story. We then see the time change to the end of the sixth grade, when Yashy is seen playing in a sandbox or on a rock, losing sight of Lucy and Mike before spotting a bird in a tree, with two eggs. However, a snake is approaching the bird, so Yashy warns the mother in Yoshi-speak, which is translated to “Danger! Danger!”, which lets the bird take one egg, but leave the other one behind. She proceeds to eat the snake, but decides that she has to take care of the egg by sitting on it, which leads to her blatantly lying that there is no egg when Lucy questions her actions. The snake is later turned into an egg due to Yashy’s abilities and Mike holds onto it, deciding that if Yashy has a pet, he should too. Moments after this, the egg wobbles and cracks, leading to Yashy trying to “save” it by breaking the egg, leading to the bird’s birth. Yashy proclaims that it’s her baby and names it Chirpy, saying that “Flea” was out for a while, mainly due to the snake in the egg poisoning him. Back in the present day, Chirpy asks Yashy why she can’t fly, to which Yashy replies that she’ll just make the aviating species jealous. We also learn that this present day chapter happens after the events in the second flashback of “Blurry Memories”, as Chirpy has already learned how to fly with the help of Blur. When Blur calls Yashy “Miss Rock-in-the-air”, Yashy tells him to die, before Chirpy just happens to call Blur “Daddy”. Yashy objects, asking Chirpy where she learned this from, before pausing and yelling at Mike when she learns that he taught her that name. When Mike attempts to pair Yashy and Blur, Yashy objects, but Mike calls the situation familiar, leading to Yashy going into a fit of rage, before calming down through making another egg, throwing it at Mike before it explodes, comically reducing him to a pile of ash, as Yashy and her friends walk off into the distance.

Volume One: Edit

Yashy is seen clearing the runway, which is in reality, Lucy’s bed in (Simple Pleasures), before attempting to fly with two pictures, one being of her, the pets and Lucy and the other one being of Paulo and Mike, one shattering as she falls to the ground, groaning in pain and muttering “Mayday.”, with Chirpy fluttering about and asking if Yashy broke a bone. As Lucy leaves the home, with Lily stating that she’ll protect this home in her stead, Yashy is seen grabbing onto Jordan’s back, as he tells Lucy to get Yashy off of her, although she is too far away to hear him by this point. In the events of (Gaming Rivalry), Yashy is seen playing cards with Blur prior to them being distracted by the argument between Lucy and Mike over a fighting game, where Yashy tries to state that it’s only a game, before Blur tells them to perform coitus, leading to him being punted into the ceiling. After Yashy brings up how boyish Lucy is, she is pushed aside for a flashback, being punted alongside Blur after telling her that the only reason she wears her bow is to reassure herself that she’s female. She then meets Blur on the ceiling, somehow coming down by the end of the next page. She attempts to take Lucy home by somehow getting her on all fours and yelling “Giddiap!”, all while portraying herself as a human. This leads to her getting kicked out of the roof of Mike’s home, where her next appearance is within (Merry Snow Day), where Lucy kicks the head off of a snowman, leading to the “head” screaming in pain, before being revealed as Yashy, which causes Lucy to bury the head in the snow. Yashy explains that she hid in order to teach Lucy a lesson since she was left at home, before calling Daisy a whore for trying to steal Mike, which leads to her being buried in the snow, face first. She gets her head out of the snow and manages to join the rest of the group on the ice, where she’s seen zipping along the ice, before trying to warn Lucy as she ice skates right into the school grounds, where she’s caught for truancy.

In (Unfit for Education), Yashy brings up that she should be attending preschool, but is told by Lucy that the teachers in her class always listen to her, implying that she asks questions or speaks up during class on a regular basis. She replies by implying that she’s gifted, but gets into an argument with Mike over her intelligence and the fact that she shouldn’t go to school because she’s a pet. Mike begins to tease her for being a Yoshi, leading Yashy to get upset over this accusation, especially when he brings up how she could carry them around on her back. She threatens Mike with violence, but when class begins, Yashy immediately has a question. However, the teacher doesn’t notice her, so Yashy rummages around for a can and throws it at the teacher, causing her to retaliate at Lucy, but Yashy immediately takes the blame and asks if there’s any cool preschool programs for her. Her question is pushed aside because she’s “just a pet” and it has nothing to do with the upcoming science fair, leading Yashy to have a comical interaction with the class pet, Hamtaro the hamster. Yashy is seen joining an experiment, asking if it’s only for “superior species”, but this test turns out to be a test involving blocking thoughts. When told to say bear the moment she thinks about a bear, despite being told not to think about it, she’s the first to start saying “bear”, which continues until well after the experiment is over. When Mike says that lower lifeforms have one track minds, she immediately attacks him, but stops saying bear in the process, noting it when Lucy brings it up.

In (The Burden of Parenthood), Yashy makes a comment about how Mike might have been forcing Lucy to abort every day, implying that they have regular sex, following a serious lecture by the teacher on the subject. When the students are paired up to receive electronic babies, she expects Mike and Lucy to be teamed up, but when the teams turn out to be Mike and Daisy, she calls the latter a whore. Outside, Yashy is upset that she’s been replaced by a doll, stating that it should be named “homewrecker” or “diarrhea”. Yashy’s seen questioning the fact that Lucy changed her partner from Paulo, but doesn’t have another role other than appearing with Lucy on the final page. In (Prom Preparation), Yashy is seemingly upset that Daisy is approaching the group after the music poll, saying that she has a Mike fetish and using Lucy’s comment on Mike’s presumed taste in old music to call Daisy a harlot instead of a whore. Yashy and Daisy begin to argue over whether or not Mike listens to Daisy, but when Mike interjects by telling them to stop fighting over him, Lucy calls him a pedophile, leading to a threat of violence from Yashy. When several girls are seen asking Mike out to the dance, Yashy “Supah Chops” them and when questioned, states that there’s only one girl that should go out with Mike. Lucy uses this opportunity to state the possibility that Yashy wants to go out with Mike, but calls Mike a pedophile again in the process. Yashy also attempts to “Uppah Cut” the girls later on in the chapter, but they’ve equipped helmets in the process, negating any potential damage. The chapter ends with another “pedo” joke from Lucy, which causes Yashy to interject to this constant use of the word.

Yashy does not have a speaking role in (Helping Hands), but is seen with Lucy as she tends to the injured bird on the last page. In (Show and Tell), Yashy learns that Lucy is deaf in one ear after hearing Lucy continuously talk about clouds in the sky, despite Yashy trying to get her attention. She then uses this opportunity to tell Lucy about some money that she stole, about how she blamed Mike for a water prank and how Lucy will inevitably “do” Mike. Yashy’s caught off-guard by Mike charging into the scene, but tells him that he looks “dazzling” to get him to change the topic. Yashy attempts to use Lucy’s deaf ear one more time by telling her that she secretly cries over girly romance movies, but is hit by Lucy as she yelled into the wrong ear. Yashy is caught off-guard when Chirpy asks why Lucy’s deaf and Lucy proceeds to reply by telling Chirpy that she has blue eyes, to which Chirpy yells and tells Yashy that the latter has blue eyes as well. Yashy, suddenly believing that she’s deaf, starts to hug Chirpy as the latter tells Yashy that she’ll donate her ears to Yashy, despite Lucy trying to get Yashy’s attention, before yelling at her and telling her it’s also because of her white fur. After a beat panel, Yashy says Lucy got what was coming to her, before making a joke about Lucy’s species as a Khao Manee, which she calls “Chao Many” in an earlier panel, possibly due to its’ strange pronunciation. She then goes on to ask “Flea” what breed he is, believing that he could be a Russian Blue due to the “Rasputin” like nature of his character. She also appears in a gag panel, magically wearing a monocle, suit and a cup of tea, saying that Mike doesn’t have an English accent due to Daisy presuming that Mike was a British shorthair. When Daisy exposes herself as a Selkirk Rex and Ragamuffin, Yashy holds out a razor for the former part of her sentence, showing her intention to shave Daisy, but when Daisy reveals that she’s part Ragamuffin, Yashy is seen in Lucy’s arms, waving her hands and stating that a whore like her can’t be that adorable. Yashy is also seen gawking at Paulo’s breed, alongside Lucy and Daisy, before sitting off to the side and singing when Lucy starts kicking him in the face. When Yashy asks about her species, she’s called a hairless lizard and insists that she’s a golden retriever instead, which causes Flea to call her a peterbald. However, her statement attracts the attention of David, leading to her telling David that she’s a golden retriever, with Chirpy stating “Daddy!” in the final panel.

Yashy’s first appearance within (Pep Rally) is when she makes a comment about Mike’s worry, connecting it to supposed relationship with Lucy, leading to her head being stomped into the ground in a painful fashion. After Mike is caught in his attempt to escape from the pep rally, Yashy is seen singing the “Sonic SatAM” theme song to comment on his inability to escape. During the intermission (Catty Remarks), Yashy jumps out of a bag that Lucy is holding, claiming the “cat is out of the bag” and the “cat got the cream”, both being cat puns. Yashy doesn’t seem to mind that she could have suffocated in the bag, eating the candy that was inside. She’s also seen lamenting on Lucy’s use of violence against Mike, but seems to goad on the fight between Mike and Paulo, claiming it’s a catfight. Her only appearance in (Off to the Movies) is prior to the movie, where she quotes Knuckles’ theme from Sonic Adventure. It turns out that Yashy doesn’t go to the movies anymore as she continuously quotes lines from them after the movie, usually for a week. Lucy quotes an example from when the two were playing video games and Yashy proceeds to quote Star Wars, before using her hand to thrust Mike’s video game controller into his face after she attempts to use the force to do it on her own. Yashy has a nightmare during the night before (Aftermath), presumably about Mike, which leads to her getting upset at him. Due to this nightmare, Lucy was late to school, but Yashy also happens to notice Mike making faces in the hallway, asking if he’s having an affair with the air. This leads to an exacerbated reaction from Mike as he runs to class. After class, Yashy ousts Mike as a fraud for knowing the answer to a math question, telling Daisy that Lucy can whisper at extremely low volumes, mainly because “Flea” sucks at math. When Mike seems to enjoy Lucy’s whispering, he immediately changes the subject and compliments Daisy, leading Yashy to call Daisy a whore as an off-hand remark. During the last (Field Day) of the entire year, Yashy is seen yelling “Whore!” to Daisy, but her more important role in the page is when Lucy and Mike get into another argument, leading to Yashy asking if the former won’t be accepting the latter’s “seed” anymore, which gets her hit with 2 “Ayu Beams”, a form of laser exclusive to the comic. She’s seen at the starting line of the three legged-race with Blur, saying that they’ll own them, but is seen on the next page saying that they’re near, but Blur points out that they’re in last place. 3 pages later, Yashy finally passes the finish line, happy that she’s won, despite the event being over long ago. When Mike and Lucy tie in every game, Yashy is seen yawning, bored about the cliche that’s occurring at the moment. Chirpy is seen with her, saying that the “Long comic is long!”, most likely an OOC moment. In reference to Page 1, Yashy is seen asking if their makeouts are back after Mike arrives in a cast, which leads to her being hit by Mike’s crutch like it’s a golf club. In (Unfulfilled Fantasy), Yashy is seen walking with Chirpy, where she’s seen laughing about Mike’s injury after Chirpy brings up, saying he did some great cartwheels. When Chirpy disagrees with Yashy’s opinion that it was funny, saying that it wouldn’t be funny if she was injured, this triggers a thought comic where Yashy is seen losing to video games against Blur, so she retaliates by kicking him with her good foot. When Chirpy questions as to whether or not Yashy has realized her “mistake”, she’s seen laughing while agreeing with Chirpy in a casual manner. Yashy eventually kicks Mike’s back when he’s seen hopping around with his crutches and saying it’s fun, leading to him falling over, while Yashy grabs onto his bad foot whilst Mike tries to get her off of him. In the next panel, Chirpy is seen criticizing her mother’s actions, but Yashy is still laughing over the whole debacle. After talking about the prom and Mike’s “friend”, Yashy seems confused over the latter, before jumping up into Lucy’s arms after Mike leaves. When Lucy says it’s just a friend of Mike’s, Yashy says the only kind of friend who would put hearts on a letter is a gay one. She’s seen hugging Lucy in the last panel alongside Chirpy, muttering that it’s rather corny. Yashy is brought up by Blur at Mike’s house, Blur deciding to go to Lucy’s house because he’s lost to Lily “15,000 times” now and is currently looking for a formidable opponent in Uno that won’t destroy him. She’s also seen in her egg form as Mike recants his story of Sandy and the third grade, as brought up above in the article, at the beginning of the History section. He also says that Lucy and Yashy are extremely close to each other. Blur is seen walking around from Yashy at the end of another page, telling her to shut up while Yashy calls him a sore loser, implying that he also lost to Yashy in Uno. When Yashy is asked about her mother by Mike, she initially believes that he’s talking about Lucy and calls her stubborn, but when asked about her real mother, she refuses to believe that her birth mother is her mother, as she’s the only one that took care of and raised her. When asked as to whether or not she would change that, she disagrees to the shock of Mike and states although she could have lived a normal life and been a better person, she has a loving mother, friends and family. She’s then seen asking if she can go now, since she still has to gloat with Blur over her victory. During another flashback to third grade, Yashy is seen as an egg within Lucy’s arms, appearing in the next page as an egg as well. Mike laments on the situation and comments that Yashy might be right about her past and how she can’t change it. Yashy still seems incredibly confused on the next page as Mike and Lucy chase each other and even more confused when Lucy whispers to him and then throws him out, Chirpy still asking what a prom is in both cases.

Within the events of (Farewell, Middle School), Yashy is seen at school, asking if Daisy’s future will involve a fatal disease, She then gets into an argument with Daisy over how she thinks everyone who wants to have sex with Mike is a whore, to which Yashy completely agrees with her point, but she’s eventually threatened by Daisy and Lucy that she’ll be shoved into their lockers if she keeps it up, to which she disagrees. When Mike is seeing talking about how he should enjoy what he has here in reference to the argument, Yashy is seen telling him to stop angsting, using Mike’s nickname, Flea. Yashy is seen wading in the hallways that David has filled with chocolate ice cream in the next page and is seen with chocolate ice cream around her mouth, calling the teacher a wuss when she starts getting upset over her class leaving her. She’s seen covered in even more chocolate ice cream in the next panel with the sex education teacher telling them goodbye, until she’s fully immersed in chocolate ice cream as she tells Mike that she already told him to stop angsting later on in the page. She’s seen questioning as to how everyone puts up with Daisy on the next page, but when Lucy is interested in going out for ice cream with Mike, she says she’s interested in chocolate ice cream, despite being covered in it. During (Mike’s Birthday), Yashy is seen wearing a lobster costume alongside Blur and Chirpy, singing Happy Birthday to him. In the events of (Blurry Memories), Yashy is seen playing a card game with Blur, where she has 3 cards and Blur has 2, before Lucy and Mike throws a book at Blur after he calls them lovers, leading to Yashy calling him Rhyhorn over his bent beak. When Blur comments that they never learn, Yashy agrees and when Lily teases Blur over his ignorance, Yashy interrupts, saying he’s not ignorant, but mentally damaged. During a flashback that takes place half a year after Chirpy’s birth, Yashy is seen interrupting a game of Peek-a-Boo between Lucy and Chirpy, telling her that she’s not her mother, suggesting that they were about to go play video games. However, she becomes a bit upset when she realizes that Chirpy’s not interested in playing video games, mostly due to her age. When Lucy suggests that Yashy try playing Peek-a-Boo with Chirpy, Yashy declines, saying that’s boring and tells Lucy to spend her time with Yashy instead, before walking off. Lucy then resumes playing with Chirpy, telling her that Yashy isn’t too old either. Yashy is seen indoors when Mike finds Blur shortly after being kicked out, noting that “Smokey the Bear” will save them from the small fire that was occurring outside, complete with billowing smoke. When Lucy inquires if nothing bad will happen, Yashy insists that Smokey the Bear will save the day, Chirpy repeating her words in the background. When Mike knocks at the door, Yashy believes that it’s Smokey and tells Chirpy to be on her best behaviour or she’ll disown her. After Blur is rescued, Yashy and Chirpy are seen with the earliest appearance of Lily, while Yashy makes a sarcastic comment towards Blur waking up. Yashy is brought up towards the end of the page when Mike argues about Lucy already having 2 pets, wanting to take ownership of Blur. At a later time when Blur is fully healed, Chirpy is seen telling Yashy that she’s bored, with Yashy telling her that she can switch her video game to 2-player mode. When Blur arrives, Yashy greets him and when Chirpy tells Blur that she can’t play fly tag because she can’t fly, Yashy is seen in a panel saying “‘sup” when Blur asks why Chirpy can’t fly. She then throws her game controller at Blur when he offers to teach Chirpy how to fly, telling him that’s the one thing that he still remembers. When she fails repeatedly, she tries to address him by his name, but angrily asks him for his name, leading to Blur telling Yashy that he can’t remember. Because Blur said his “mind was a blur” and he was able to keep up with Yashy, Yashy creates the nickname “Blur” for him. He initially disagrees, but when Lily calls him Blur, he replies, before getting angry at Lily and telling her that that’s not his name. Yashy is seen saying “Poor Blur” in the corner as Chirpy asks either Yashy or Blur to teach her how to fly. As the flashbacks end, Yashy tells Lily that she’s still the same boring hedgehog after she says Blur’s changed for the better, telling her that she was supposed to go back to being a hobo. As the chapter ends, Yashy and Blur are seen watching Lucy and Mike fight, with Yashy agreeing to more flashbacks after Blur requests them.

(Yashy’s Birthday) begins on Yashy’s birthday, September 1, as Yashy tries to ask Blur and Chirpy if this day happens to be special, clearly interested in their reply and expecting for them to respond that it’s her birthday. When Blur and Chirpy are upset and state that it’s a terrible month because school is starting, Yashy decides to ask about September 1 in particular and if there’s anything special about it. Blur and Chirpy unanimously tell Yashy that there’s nothing important about it and that they’ll be left at home again, upsetting Yashy. She tries to get the attention of Lucy and Mike, since they should remember her own birthdate, but they seem to be caught up with their books, leaving Yashy at a loss for words. She begins monologuing to herself as she’s been cast away on her birthdate and unloved, all due to the dreaded month of September, while a dark background is seen casting itself over her. However, it turns out that it was all just a prank set up by everyone else and they’re seen shouting Happy Birthday to Yashy with a cake with green icing and strawberries as Yashy collapses from the shock of everyone pranking her. In the card game at the beginning of (Hot Pursuit), Blur is seen playing a card and shouting “Uno!”, which upsets Yashy, but Lily states that she has one final card, a Draw-4, letting her win. Yashy and Blur are seen yelling “You suck!” and “I hate you!” to Lily as she leaves. During the middle of the chapter when Lily is watching television, Blur is seeing getting one of his Go Fishes, leaving Yashy to damn him. Yashy is also seen at the end of the chapter wanting to go back to Lucy’s house and calling Blur a prick, mainly because he Go Fished 5 times, giving him a large victory. When Blur says goodbye to Yashy, Yashy flips him off before leaving. During the final panel, Yashy is seen trying to get Lucy’s attention while she spaces out, before telling her not to go emo.

High School: (Grade 9) Edit

Yashy has a minor appearance within (Enter High School) when she calls Daisy a whore as she runs off to school, randomly appearing from Lucy’s person. Yashy is seen in (A Difficult Choice) where she learns that Flea is taken, before telling Lucy that she’ll beat whoever took Flea up in exchange for upsetting her, although after Lucy tells Yashy that it doesn’t upset her, Yashy tries to explain why. However, she is interrupted by Lucy glaring at Yashy and telling her that it doesn’t upset her in bold text, which creeps out Yashy for 2 panels before she says her name once. She’s also seen on Page 4 of the chapter where she’s one of the people kicking Mike, mostly due to the events on Page 2 and Paulo’s chanting. During (Unmerry Melodies), she’s seen being carried in Lucy’s arms as they walk through the hallways, while Yashy insults Tess’ French when she stops singing, even though she was singing in Spanish. Yashy is seen questioning why Lucy should make a BANG sound when she meets Abbey and is seen completely shocked when David tells her that she killed the president, although this is just a case of her being gullible. Blur and Yashy are seen singing behind a tree that Mike and Lucy are on later on in the chapter, with Yashy laughing as Blur screams the chorus to “I don’t want to miss a thing”, which leads to Blur being kicked away. Yashy is seen laughing about how funny it was, to which Mike disagrees, saying that he’s beyond that, but resumes singing, this time within the range of Lucy’s deaf ear, so Mike retaliates by throwing a bottle at Yashy, angering Lucy while Yashy adjusts the score to “Yashy - 1, Flea - 0.” However, she sings within the range of Lucy’s hearing on the next page and is “Ayu-Beamed” by Lucy.

She has a minor appearance with (Left Behind) where she tells Paulo to go away while being held by Lucy and is seen smiling when Lucy kicks Paulo in the face. In one of the last flashbacks to her childhood, Yashy is seen inside of her egg again as Lucy finds her for the fourth time within a flashback, as well as being held in her arms when she returns to Mike after Sandy leaves. She has another minor appearance in (Lucy’s Birthday) when she’s seen in the final panel, telling her fellow pets that she has a newfound respect for Flea, while Chirpy is seen innocently wishing Lucy a Happy Birthday. In (Of Little Pockets and Monsters), Yashy is seen hiding in the bushes with Blur and Chirpy, well away from Lily, who is busy arranging the leaves, telling them that it’s a Wild Sheimi. She also tells them that the crumpled up leaves/paper that they have are Master Balls and that Lily is a legendary, before aiming her shots and throwing one at Lily, followed by a barrage. Lily proceeds to attack Yashy, but Blur pushes Yashy out of the way in time and takes the blow for her. Yashy proceeds to call Blur stupid and tells him that he could avoided that, not noting that he pushed her out of the way due to his care for her. When Lily asks for an explanation, Yashy tells her that they needed master balls to catch her and it’s not their fault, before Lily asks how they were able to get multiple master balls. Yashy tells Lily that she swam back and forth in a pond in a similar fashion to a glitch in Pokemon Red/Blue, causing her amount of master balls to increase since it was sixth in their items. When Lily is about to make a point, Lucy screams that there’s a large amount of leeches on Yashy’s back, while Yashy simply greets her. Instead of being shocked, Yashy casually tells Lucy that they just messed up her Hall of Fame, an effect of the Missingno glitch, calling the leeches “little guys”. After having the leeches removed from her back, Yashy is seen complaining about the pain, while several more characters come in, including Mike, Daisy and Paulo, causing Yashy to scheme about catching more wild Pokemon. Although the other characters look at, she says it’s fun and gloats that Lily must be pretty pleased to be associated with a Sheimi (The latest generation was not released in the West at this time).

When Daisy wonders what Pokemon she’d be, Yashy tells her that she’d be a Delcatty and picks an Eevee or a Purugly for Abbey, which inevitably leads to her getting lightly hit from Abbey as a result. When Daisy compliments Yashy for her decision, she says it’s “s’cool”, before telling her that she still wishes for her to get permanently poisoned and that she still hates her, leading her to get hit by Abbey, complaining about how “Purugly” suddenly got stronger, with a small needle-holding Lucy in the corner being the cause of this increase in strength. When Tess approaches for her pick, Yashy slaps a gold Koban onto her head and calls her a Meowth, because she heard that she’s stinking rich. Telling her that she just got another satisfied customer, Paulo approaches and boasts for his pick, but Yashy tells him that he’s a Vulpix. When Paulo takes it as a joke, Yashy tells him he’s a Vulpix, leading to Chirpy throwing another “Master Ball” at Paulo, leading to Yashy asking her why she’d waste a Master Ball on a Vulpix, complaining about her standards. When Lucy tells Yashy that the choices are becoming more inaccurate, Yashy tells Mike that he’s a Glameow if he rolls his tail up, doing so while giving his prediction, with Chirpy lightly grabbing his tail and saying “Whee!”. When Yashy is told that Purugly is the evolution of Glameow, Yashy tells Abbey that it’s the truth, because Abbey’s just a bigger, wussier version of “Flea”, which leads to her to being hit by the Master Ball that she threw at Paulo just a moment ago. When Kizuna tells Yashy that she wants her future told, Yashy looks confused, before realizing what she means and telling her that she’s a Linoone or Furret, mainly due to how David persistently forgets about her. When David asks for what Pokemon he’d be, the group of pets, sans Lily, collectively calls him a Ditto, telling him that he always had stupid face when he asks why. She’s seen facepalming and groaning when David doesn’t get the point, Blur telling Yashy to just let it go. She tells Chirpy that she’s a Cherimo (Cherrim for Western Readers), while Blur is a Tailow, leading him to object and tell Yashy that he’s always wanted to be a Swellow. Yashy tells him that Swellows are big, awesome birds, complete with a wave crashing over a Swellow standing on a rock, while Blur is just...Blur, with an illustration of Blur splashing and nearly falling over the rock. As Yashy tells Blur that he should be honored that she let Blur be a Tailow, Blur telling her that he thinks that the leeches got to her, Yashy tells everyone that she’s a Rayquaza when Lucy asks her for her Pokemon, leading to the entire group yelling the Pokemon’s name. Blur is upset at Yashy for being upset at him for wanting to be a Swellow, as Yashy tells him that he only wished to be Swellow and telling him that she doesn’t need to wish to be a Rayquaza because she is one. Mike is told asking Yashy what she thinks about Lucy as Blur is seen grumbling that he hates Yashy. Yashy tells everyone that Lucy is a Mew, telling her that she’s really cute and would make the perfect Mew if she was pink, while all of her pets join in for a group hug around her. As the group notices, Lucy beats them up, leading to Yashy telling the other pets that despite being cute, she kicks a major amount of ass, leading Chirpy off to get more Master Balls. A Jigglypuff randomly appears into the frame, with Yashy and Chirpy looking shocked as the chapter comes to a close.

In (Feline Festivities), Yashy is seen telling Chirpy that Tess’ party is going to kick ass, as she and Chirpy were taken along by Lucy by Lily’s request. She seems upset at Lily’s choice of staying home with a cup of cocoa and considering that fun, telling Chirpy that she’s probably fifty years old. She’s then seen yelling “Holy Crap!” in shock as the team approaches Tess’ house, due to it being huge and lavish. She’s seen sitting on the snow before entering the house, telling Lucy that she wants to be Jesus if he gets parties like this after looking at the Christmas trees. She greets Blur, wondering where he came from as he zips by Yashy, hopping from Lucy’s arms in order to catch up with him, while Chirpy tries to catch up with the two. Later on in the party, she’s seen jumping across the food table, more notably the punch bowl, with Blur. Yashy is then brought up later on in the chapter when Chirpy tries to explain to Mike about her mother, before making an actual appearance later on in the chapter when she claims that she’s tired and wants a lullaby from Lucy, falling asleep shortly afterwards alongside Chirpy. She’s seen sleeping in Lucy’s bed with Chirpy in the final panel, ending the chapter. During the flashback in (Troubled Waters), Yashy is seen sleeping in Lucy’s eyes, only being a few years old. She only wakes up in the 10th panel on Page 4, saying “Uh?” as she wakes up, looking quizzical as Mike slams into Chirpy’s tree. Yashy is most likely set down in a safe place during Page 5 as Lucy and Daisy run to Mike’s aid, while she looks worried for Mike’s safety. After looking around with Lucy, she spots Mike’s scarf and points it out to Lucy, only able to say “Dada!” due to her age. She then runs to the nearest person, David, after Lucy jumps into the water and buries her face in him. Yashy is seen saying “Home!” to Lucy after she attempts to save Mike, before hopping up curling up with her in a similar fashion to David, being carried off panel. Yashy is seen appearing from Lucy’s bag in (Follow Me), having hidden inside of it prior to the events of the chapters, which Lucy notes. Yashy tells her not to change the subject and Mike is about to bring up Sandy when Yashy inquires about how it could be so difficult to find someone who’s right here, before Lucy throws a juice box at him. Yashy is seen telling Mike that he needs to keep track of his “lover”, mainly Lucy before being told by Lucy to keep the fact that he’s in love with Sandy a secret. Yashy is then seen interrupting the conversation, telling them that it’s outdated to be kissing under a table. When Augustus first approaches the table, Yashy is seen asking him if he’s going to rob them and upon denying it, she tells him that she won’t fall for his trickery. She’s also seen talking about the amount of drama at the table, ending her role in the chapter. Yashy is seen in (Box of Tricks) when she introduces her new friend Yashika, who asks everyone “How’s tricks?” although she is ignored by Lucy. She’s seen angered later on because she just wants her to meet her new friend, but Lucy suddenly comes through space-time after going through the time machine, landing on Yashika and killing him, causing Yashy to cry out in anguish for her dead friend. During the events of (Hydrothunder Tantrum), Yashy is seen watching Lucy beat up Mike at the end of the chapter, telling them that Mom’s super effective on Mike’s ass, Chirpy asking if she’s using thrash and Lily acts unsurprised. In (Under Pressure), Yashy’s seen telling the group at the table that David’s about to get to the good part of his game of hooky, where he skipped school. When Mike mumbles something, Yashy lies and tells Lucy that Mike was talking about her vagina, which leads to her hitting Mike. When Mike is about to bring up Sandy in a few panels after being asked why she trusted Yashy, Lucy silences Mike and tells him not to bring it up for now, until Yashy asks what they’re talking about, to which Lucy and Mike start telling her that they were talking about airplanes and race cars with 10,000 horsepower. When she’s being carried away by Lucy, she’s seen asking if they’ll ever be able to ride on that airplane-race car.

In (Crash and Burn), Yashy is seen telling Chirpy that she loves making grand entrances, before looking at Lucy, who’s trying to cover her computer screen which currently has a pornographic image on it. She then asks Lucy what she’s doing, to which Lucy replies that she’s taking the computer out for a walk, breaking it in the process. She seems rather shocked when Lucy destroys the printer to stop the file from being printed, but the paper eventually falls into her and Chirpy’s hands, before asking Lucy where he’s putting “that”. The next day, she’s seen asking “Flea” if he’s ever tried the act in the pornographic image before, but when Mike inquires further as to what she meant, she tells him not to ask. She’s seen telling everyone in (Out of the Frame) that Lucy’s not for sale when a bunch of poorly rendered students enter the scene, being grabbed by her as she leaves. When Rin asks Lucy if she can be her mother, Yashy speaks up, telling her that Lucy’s taken and when Lucy offhandedly accepts her offer, Yashy gets into an argument with Rin, telling her that Lucy has 2 pets and doesn’t need a brat. Rin retorts by telling her to “look who’s talking”, to which Yashy tells her that she’s talking and calls her an idiot. When Rin tells Yashy to fight her, Yashy agrees and calls her scum, but they’re seen sticking their tongues out in the next panel, still bickering with each other. Yashy is seen on the first page of (A Different Side), eating a sandwich and glancing up when Mike asks about the possibility of a pep rally, before returning to her sandwich in the next panel. Yashy gets close to the stage and eventually hops up on the side of it to get a better view as the assembly begins, saying “sup” before doing so. She’s seen singing when the school song begins, but stops singing when Lucy begins, looking up at her until everyone notices her singing and glancing at the viewer when this happens. She then hides behind Mike and looks towards the stage when the cheerleaders come out, looking disgusted when Daisy trips, covering her mouth and calling her a whore when the presentation is over. She appears in (Moving On), happy that it’s the end of the school year and dancing on Lucy’s desk, but when Lucy tells her that she didn’t have to suffer through the finals, Yashy is seen holding onto the side of her desk, telling her that she didn’t let her sleep while she was studying. When Lucy is seen worrying about her grades, Yashy is seen fistbumping her, telling that she got constant C’s through the whole semester. Lucy tells her that she probably doesn’t even know what a C is, but Yashy correctly tells her that “issa pass!”. When the group is having their final lunch, Yashy tells Daisy that no one wants her stupid toast, calling her a whore again when Daisy suggests toasting with their various drinks. Daisy tells Yashy that she’ll miss her jibes, but Yashy tells her that she has no idea what she’s talking about and asks if there’s something wrong with her. She’s seen in the lower right hand corner of Panel 13 of the page when Tess talks about the group’s goals. Lucy is also seen carrying a happy Yashy after the group’s last run of the year. During the intermission (Having Kittens), Yashy is seen telling Lucy that the reason the comic is called BCB is about the sexual frustration they have for each other, before being Ayu Beamed (this is also the last Ayu Beam in the entire comic). When Lucy and Mike begin to make out on the ground at the end of the intermission, Yashy is seen in shock in two panels, calling out “Mommy?” in the second one, all while Blur has a nosebleed and Chirpy is burying her face in her wings.

Acapulco Trip: Edit

Yashy appears in (Invitation) when the group is preparing Abbey’s birthday gifts, being at the top of a stack of gifts and trying to keep one upright while Blur is struggling to hang onto the same gift. When they officially announce “Happy Birthday!” to Abbey, Yashy is seen jumping in mid-air, most likely yelling “Happy Birthday” as well, as Blur is seen flying and Chirpy is holding onto the stack of presents. During the flight in (Arrival), Yashy is seen dancing on Lucy’s seat, possibly singing along to Paulo and David’s singing. Yashy is seen in Lucy’s arms while Blur/Chirpy are flying in the background after they get off of the plane, also being seen as Mike asks what the group wants to do. She is seen gaping at the resort when they arrive in the lobby, before climbing onto Lucy’s head in a later panel. She eventually gets down from her head when they head to their rooms, before being seen singing to her pets as they bathe, Lily telling Tess that Yashy’s stubborn and she won’t bathe alone, before Lucy dries Yashy off and carries her out of the bathroom. When the group is at the beach, Yashy tells Lucy that she just finished her jet-propelled bodyboard, the jet most likely being Yashy kicking in the water, before asking Lucy if she wants to try it. When she refuses, Yashy tells her that she’ll play with it on her own, Lucy remarking that Yashy’s just like a new kid with her toy, as she runs towards the water with her object. As Yashy tells a worried Blur that her bodyboard is going to kick ass, she looks up after Lucy yells her name, before saying a simple “Oh.” at the huge wave about to engulf all of them. Yashy looks back at Lucy, calling out her name several times as she gets pulled behind Lucy’s back and away from the bodyboard before the wave engulfs them, looking terrified as she’s held high above Lucy’s head. Yashy is seen being carried by Lucy as Zach talks to her, telling Zachary about how similar his girlfriend is to Lucy and Mike’s relationship. When Zachary tells Lucy that he didn’t know she had a boyfriend, Yashy tells him that it’s a work in progress, but when Mike tells her not to talk about things behind his back, she tells him that she speaks her mind, “loud and proud”, signifying her confidence and outspokenness. When Mike brings up how he has a better girlfriend, alluding to Sandy, Lucy stops him yet again by colliding into him, Yashy sticking her head out from Lucy’s side, having moved out of the way in time. When Lucy tells him to holler it out if he really wants to, Yashy tells “Flea” to get it out, but Mike looks back at her and decides not to, leading to Yashy telling him that he admits that he loves Lucy, Mike disagreeing and telling her that he was being sarcastic. Yashy tells him that he can’t be sarcastic to the truth as they walk off, being carried in Lucy’s hands and mirroring Lucy’s facial expressions, before happily grabbing onto her head and neck as she walks away with Zachary’s one hundred dollars.

As the group treks up the mountain in (Search and Rescue), Yashy is seen in Lucy’s arms as Blur and Chirpy fly around, shimmying across a thin ledge outside of Lucy’s grip and being carried yet again as two characters are seen grabbing onto a ledge. When Paulo pretends to fall off the side of the cliff, Yashy exclaims that that was awesome, but is later seen looking worried on the side of the cliff when Lucy and Mike are seen hanging off of the collapsed bridge. She screams out “Mom!”, but looks up at David when he tries to save them, yelling “Jesus Christ, we killed him!” when Lily tells them to stay calm after the two fall into the ravine below, in a shot that pictures her in the center of the panel and raising her arms in a panic. Yashy is seen sleeping in Sue’s arms as they search for Mike and is seen looking horrified at David with the others when he starts to grope her in her sleep. Yashy is still seen looking at Lucy as she converses with the rest of the group, hopping out of Sue’s arms when someone brings up the possibility of Lucy being dead and telling her it’s cool and Mike’s probably alive, before being cut off as Lucy collapses into Paulo. She asks Lily what’s wrong, to which Lily tells her that she’s probably trying to find a replacement. There is a single panel with Yashy saying “Wha…?” before Blur and Chirpy return, having found Zachary. When something is seen lurking in the shadows, Yashy is seen in a group shot of the group running, being at the far back of the pack as she’s grabbing onto the back of Sue, who’s the furthest behind. Yashy is seen falling into the ravine below with the group, head first as she flails her arms out, with her eyes shut. She’s one of the first to land, landing between Paulo and Lucy, before jumping off as the rest of the people land. Yashy is seen at the campfire later on, being the only person who’s angrily toasting 3 marshmallows over the campfire using a long stick, telling Lucy that these marshmallows are “da freakin bomb”, having removed the stick from the campfire, looking rather happy. Zachary is suddenly hit by one of the marshmallows from Yashy’s stick after Paulo’s dare, most likely an unintentional act, before Yashy is seen telling everyone that it’s “so yummy, man.” When Zachary tells Yashy that he won’t be able to get it out of his whiskers, Yashy inquires why he would want to, crossing her arms. When Sue asks Tess who she would have preferred to take her virginity in (Intervention), Yashy looks up from her stick of marshmallows as she replies and seen again, this time drawn in less detail within Panel 8 of the page. Yashy is seen in another gag panel with some popcorn as Paulo and Tess argue, saying “Man, it’s getting good!” as she eats the popcorn, getting rid of it for her marshmallow stick as Paulo runs off, David grabbing onto her stick, which still has the same three marshmallows from before stuck on it. Although Yashy doesn’t have any speaking lines, she goes from perturbed as David eats one of her marshmallows to annoyed, either due to the fact that David hasn’t confronted Paulo or the fact that he ate one of her marshmallows.

When Lucy returns to the hotel room in (Return), Yashy is seen telling Mike that they weren’t lying about Paulo and Tess having sex in the next room over, despite Mike believing the contrary. Yashy is seen rather disturbed alongside Blur, while Chirpy is innocently happy and Lily is trying to shrug the situation off. She tells Lucy that Flea wouldn’t believe her, but her and the others saw the two tounging each other to the point where they didn’t notice their presence. Lucy somewhat ignores her while Yashy crosses her arms and looks off, mumbling “Whatever”. It turns out that Yashy hasn’t brushed her teeth yet, under the implication that brushing is for sissies, but Lucy tells her that Chirpy’s a bird and she brushes, removing Yashy’s need for an excuse. Yashy is seen grabbing onto Lucy as she sleeps, but when she gets up, Yashy is seen happily grabbing onto nothing, but this could also be interpreted as her laying on her side. She also seems to be closer to Chirpy, which could mean that she’s moving towards her. As they leave Acapulco, Yashy is seen looking back at Tess’ exclamation, before calling Zachary a pedophile as they walk off, thus ending their journey. When the group gets back, Yashy is seen gladly raising her arms, while Blur and Chirpy fly in the background in a similar fashion to when they got to Acapulco. When Daisy notes Mike’s injuries, Yashy tells her to keep her hands off of him and calls her a whore in the process, still angry in the next panel. She seems to be grinning when Paulo asks if Abbey and Daisy are having sexual relations with one another, enjoying the situation that’s unfolding as this means that she’ll stop going after Mike. During the last page of Volume One and the chapter, she gets one appearance, being held by Lucy before the chapter ends.

Volume Two: Edit

During the recap chapter known as (Starting Over), Yashy and the remaining pets are brought up in one page, with Yashy being found in a bush, this time in a unspotted egg in comparison to the Yoshi-like egg that’s been seen in earlier chapters. She’s then seen in two panels, one where she’s seen in Lucy’s arms at a younger age and a second one where she’s hugging Lucy’s neck. She also has a minor appearance when a recap of the flashback in (Troubled Waters) occurs, with Yashy looking scared while she’s in Lucy’s arms, although her, Lucy and Mike are the only ones in this recap. Yashy also appears in her less detailed form three pages later, when Lucy and Mike fell during the Acapulco trip. She eventually goes to sleep at the end of the chapter, climbing onto the bed with Chirpy before falling asleep between Lucy and Chirpy, sleeping face-up. Her next appearance in (Wonderland) is another variant of her sleeping, leaning on her left side as both of her arms are outstretched, with Chirpy sleeping next to her with both of her wings sprawled out on the bed and Lily is also seen curled up above the covers on the bottom half of the bed.

In (A Distance Apart), Lucy is trying to resolve an argument between Chirpy and Yashy, with a TV show in the background. This television could have something to do with the argument, but Yashy seems to be trying to make her point. She doesn’t receive another appearance until (Mischief Night), where Mike is aware of the fact that Yashy will answer the door and knocks on it, leading to Yashy answering the door, glancing upwards and then supposedly yelling in shock when she witnesses Mike in a Cthulhu outfit. When Mike reveals his voice by booing Yashy, Yashy punches the costume in the face after looking dazed, before hopping onto the costume, as Mike had fell over from the hit. She tells “Flea” that she was never scared of him and when Mike asks why she yelled, she looks speechless for a moment before resuming her angry stare and tells him that she was only scared of his ugly face, climbing onto his face as she says the line. She looks back to see Lucy in her vampire outfit and is glad to see that things haven’t changed when the two start arguing with each other. After some preparation, Yashy is seen telling everyone that the spookin’ has commenced, as she’s now in a vampire outfit with a fang and a cape. When Mike tells her that Lucy’s already a vampire, Yashy tells her that she’s Lucy’s spawn, before hopping onto Mike and telling him that he should have been more careful, about to bite onto him. Despite complaints from Mike, Yashy bites into his arm, leading to a loud scream from Mike, before Yashy and Lucy head out, with Blur wanting to go alongside the group, but being turned down. Yashy looks back at them before asking why Mike wouldn’t be happy to see her, but when Yashy presses her, David shows up, slamming into Lucy, with Yashy going into a battle stance, which she drops when it’s revealed that the ghost is David. When Yashy asks him if he’s a zombie table quilt, David takes that as a great idea, before they begin to walk, Yashy outstretching her arms and singing the word “candy bowl”. Yashy makes a joke and slaps Lucy when they bring up Jasmine, telling Lucy not to get jealous of her and that he’s already taken, alongside the idea that “Flea” might get pretty possessive of Lucy, before being told to shut up by Lucy and Mike. When she asks about the identity of this girl, Lucy doesn’t know what to say, before Mike tells her that she’ll find out, with Jasmine entering the scene in the next panel. She has relatively minor appearances in the next few pages, telling Jasmine that her costume is cute and being held in Lucy’s arms, while glancing up at Paulo when he reveals his costume. She calls Paulo gay when he talks about reading Twilight just to know about the costume. During the deleted pages, Yashy is seen on the far right of the group shot when the new costume-goer arrives, while giving a dead expression as they enter the house, laughing as Mike is being grabbed by the person in the costume. In the canon pages, Yashy is seen with a question mark coming out of her for no particular reason, possibly in relation to Paulo’s shot of telling everyone that they should start trick-or-treating. She eventually falls asleep in Sue’s arms, Lucy thanking her for holding her, until she’s awoken by the police officer’s whistle, her eyes wide open due to the sudden interruption from her sleep.

She seems upset until the group disagrees, Yashy telling Sue to “hit it, speedy” as they continue their adventure. Yashy is seen keeping a lookout for the group alongside Lucy while looking worried alongside the rest of the group in another panel. She has a minor appearance on Page 12, mainly glancing around with an empty expression, however she’s seen telling the group that Flea’s tripping out on the next page, watching his body as he drops to the ground, unconscious, after making an attempt to grab at him. She looks at Flea with a pitiful expression for a bit as he talks in his sleep, before asking Lucy who Sandy is and why she’s so angry, also telling Lucy that she’s not scared of her after she gives Yashy an angry glare, a contrast from when this same event happened some time ago. After Daisy and Abbey arrive and carry Mike, Yashy is seen trying to grab at Daisy, as she’s right in front of her. Later on at the house, she’s seen happily sitting on the table and moving her hands towards all of the candy on it, ending the chapter. During (Rehearsal), Yashy is seen watching Lucy after she gets home from school, looking up at her when she tells them that she’ll practice next time and that she didn’t want to do it today. She’s seen carrying up the dress as Lily tells her to look the part, telling a shocked Lucy that they’re not going to make it any easier on her and calling her a coward. When Lucy enters the room with the dress on, Yashy is seen laughing at her before rehearsing with Lucy, standing by her feet and later being held by her as she outstretches her arm, just before Jordan enters the room and Yashy is dropped from Lucy’s arms onto the bed, looking at Jordan the entire time. She’s seen at the end of the chapter with a dinosaur suit, telling Lily that she wants to her wear this despite Lily telling her that it probably won’t happen again. During a flashback in (Pillow Talk) when Lucy is at a younger age, Lucy’s mother is seen carrying Yashy as she tells her that she wants to come to their room, while her mother tells her that she’s staying with them, puffing out her cheeks as she’s carried away. She throws a snowball at the back of Paulo’s head in (Piece of Cake) when he arrives at her house with a present, yelling out “Bullseye!” as Chirpy celebrates with her, Lily telling her that Paulo is holding an important item before being hit in the face with another snowball, Yashy holding yet another one in her hand as Lily yells out her name. She’s eventually seen being stuffed in the snow with Lily and Chirpy, looking rather upset at the result of the situation.

Eventual Leave From the Story: Edit

In (Just Beautiful), Yashy hits Mike with a snowball before running towards him and calling out his name as “Flea”, before asking him what’s up and Mike looking rather shocked that she’s here, Yashy telling him that he’s way behind on the child support due to their long absence and Yashy waving out to Lucy and telling her that Mike’s here, before hopping down from Mike’s shoulder and  investigating behind the large pile of snow when Lucy doesn’t come out, looking rather concerned. Yashy tries getting her to come out of the pile and telling her to get over here, but Lily tells Lucy not to worry as Mike is leaving now. Yashy is seen yelling at Lily and telling her that it didn’t make any sense for her to do that, as she just shooed her solution away, before both of them tell her to stop, telling them that he’ll come back to her eventually and that Mike always gets over it. Lucy eventually yells at her that he has a girlfriend, leading to a petrified shot of Yashy. She asks who this person is and that Lucy and “Flea” have always been together, although Lucy tells her that they’ve been together for over a year now, Yashy trying to clear the situation up by looking to Lily and Lucy, but eventually cries onto the snow, Chirpy and Lily joining to comfort her as Lucy walks back into the home, not caring about her pets anymore. Yashy’s seen crying into Lily and hugging her as the chapter ends. In breaking up, she finally meets Mike at the train station and looks at him, before saying goodbye to him and using his real name for the sole time in the series. This ends her list of appearances within the series for the time being.


Blur: Edit

Yashy’s relationship with Blur is a mostly friendly one, the two of them playing cards and video games together on most occasions, with the exception of some insults being thrown at each other, usually in the heat of the moment. There have been some small romantic jabs between the two, but they seemed to be more centered around Blur trying to get Yashy’s attention rather than the other way around. Yashy also used to dislike Blur’s presence, but became friends with him as time went by and the latter now calls her “Greenie”.

Chirpy: Edit

Chirpy is Yashy’s “child”, with Chirpy treating Yashy as if she was her real mother, despite knowing that she was hatched from an egg years ago. She calls out her mother’s behaviour on occasion as she looks up to her, but Yashy never truly gets upset at Chirpy and loves her all the same. She seems to care if Chirpy is injured and talks to her whenever she wants to talk about something that Blur would be insulted by. She also calls Chirpy “Chirps” as a nickname and tries to protect her innocence.

Lily: Edit

Yashy’s relationship with Lily appears to be a love-hate relationship, where she only hates Lily if she loses to her in a card game or if Yashy questions why she’s still living in Lucy’s home. Although Lily has tried to attack them once after being pelted with small rocks, it’s possible that she was either aiming for Yashy or didn’t intend to hit anyone at all in an attempt to scare the pets. She also seems to be beyond dressing up as someone for Halloween and this leads to occasional complaints from Yashy about how old she acts.

Lucy: Edit

Lucy has continuously acted as a mother to Yashy through most of the series, shielding her from the truth about Sandy and constantly telling the pets that she loves them, which is averted with her walking away from a crying Yashy in (December), showing her lack of care for the pets, followed by her leaving them behind in an unknown location after Chapter 76. Before that, she was the one that the pets loved the most, Yashy trying to reassure her about Mike’s fall in the Acapulco arc and Lucy saving Yashy when she was about to be engulfed by a huge wave.

Mike: Edit

Yashy sees Mike as Lucy’s true boyfriend and continuously calls him “flea” as a nickname through the series, but sees him as a friend for the majority of the series. Although Mike doesn’t like Yashy too much whenever she insults other people or ruins the moment, he wouldn’t imagine himself hurting her. Yashy does hurt him on occasion such as when Mike had a cast and calls him a “Glameow” when she picks a Pokemon for him.

Daisy: Edit

Daisy is detested by Yashy as she believes that her main goal is to break up the relationship between Lucy and Mike, calling her “whore” at every possible occasion. She tries to grab Daisy or get her hands on her whenever she’s within arms reach and yells whenever she’s around her to make sure that no one interacts with her. Daisy seems to think of Yashy as an “annoyance”, which weirds her out, but it doesn’t look like Daisy hates Yashy at any point in the series, possibly believing that it’s just a phase.

Paulo: Edit

Yashy was taken in by Paulo’s charms during Chapter 8 of the comic, but later looks up to him in the series, calling him awesome after he pulls off an interesting trick while the group is walking across a cliff in (Search and Rescue) and sings along with him on the plane. She doesn’t seem to enjoy the prospect of him and Tess having sex in the room across from her and much like the other characters, she doesn’t seem to have any qualms about beating him up over cheating in (Up to Bat).

David: Edit

Yashy sees David as an idiot just like most of the other characters, mainly due to his random character and oddly proverbial remarks. She’s upset when David doesn’t understand what she means by calling him a Ditto and is unaware that David was the one that filled the school halls with chocolate ice cream. On another occasion, her remarks that she’s a golden retriever lead to her getting the attention of David, who falls over when he realizes that it’s just Yashy.

Augustus: Edit

Yashy’s interactions with Augustus are quite limited, with Augustus only having approached the lunchroom table with Yashy around once, leading to Yashy immediately suspecting him as a thief or someone with ill intent, telling him that she won’t fall for his trickery, even after being told that he’s safe.

Abbey: Edit

Yashy’s interactions with Abbey are limited, but she has called him a “Purugly” on one occasion during (Of Little Pockets and Monsters) and went on without him to Acapulco after wishing him a happy birthday. She doesn’t seem to have any grudges against him other than being hit by him for calling him a wuss.

Sue: Edit

Yashy has interacted with Sue twice, one where she’s resting in her arms as they look for Mike and grabbing onto her as they run from a supposed beast in the forest. She’s also seen temporarily being carried by Sue in (Mischief Night), where she immediately wakes up after the police officer informs them about the nightly curfew. Therefore, it would be safe to say that Yashy trusts Sue just as much as Lucy and doesn’t see any harm in trusting her.

Jasmine: Edit

Yashy’s only interaction with Jasmine is in (Mischief Night), where she comments on her costume after questioning who Paulo’s girlfriend is. It looks like the chapter ended on a relatively high note for their relationship, so Yashy seems to be fine with keeping Jasmine as an acquaintance.

Sandy: Edit

Yashy never gets to see Sandy through the whole series except for a possible sighting during (Hot Pursuit), but Lucy has made it one of her goals to keep Sandy a secret from Yashy, as it would destroy her world view of Lucy and Mike being in a relationship. Such examples are in (Follow Me), (Under Pressure), (Arrival) and (Mischief Night), where Yashy catches onto Mike’s wording pretty quickly but is shut down by Lucy every time. She would most likely dislike Sandy if she ever came to see her again in the future, though.

Tess: Edit

Yashy’s relationship with Tess seems to be a relatively neutral one, with Yashy insulting Tess’ “French” during (Unmerry Melodies) and calling her a Meowth when she was labeling the group as Pokemon. She seemed to be rather shocked by the size and scope of Tess’ mansion, but is rather perturbed by Tess and Paulo having sex in the next room over during the Acapulco trip, which may have affected her opinion of her.

Jordan: Edit

Yashy most likely interacts with Jordan on occasion, having lived with him for her entire life, but her only real interactions come from (Simple Pleasures) and (Rehearsal). Jordan seems to be annoyed by Yashy and might not know her name, but this could have greatly changed within the two years between these chapters.


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