Alec McCain is a friend of Sue. Unable to be anything but detached and logical in any situation, this usually causes him be at the receiving end of being told to 'Shut it' due to his blunt pronouncements.

He is referred to by his last name throughout the comic.


McCain is known for being particularly blunt and tends to see the logical side of things. He's is aware if not particularly avoidant of the main gang due to their antics.


McCain is predominantly with short white fur. He wears a black trench-coat and a pair of rounded glasses. He is known for being remarkably short.


Character HistoryEdit

McCain is a fan character designed by Tim Jenkins, whom gifted McCain to Veronica for use in the comic.

McCain had been very popular since his introduction into the comic. This would also lead to his undoing, as in July 2016 Veronica confirmed on the Bittersweet Candy Bowl Tumblr, after receiving a constant stream of queries pertaining to his whereabouts and status as a permanent character of the comic over the number of years of the comic's progression, confirmed McCain had been officially written out of the comic by spoiling a long-running punchline he would have been exclusive to. [1]


McCain and SueEdit

McCain has an established friendship with Sue. He was one of the characters invited in the intermission comic 'Out of Frame', and became particularly attached if not garnered affection to Sue when she called him by his first name.[2] He had helped her as an assistant when she ran for student secretary in Feline Filibuster. He would not be seen helping Sue again until Guest of Honor where he appears as a background character and part of Sue's panel.

McCain had been written out of the comic completely when Veronica revealed part of the original inception of the comic was to have Sue and McCain secretly dating as a long-running punchline that was to be revealed to the other characters at a prom event. As Veronica has made this public outside of the running of the comic, it's no longer canon.[3]


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