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Lucy is the primary female protagonist of Bittersweet Candy Bowl. Much of the experiences and conflicts in the main story involve her relationships with characters like Mike or Paulo. She currently attends Roseville High alongside her friends.

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Lucy is a Khao Manee. Traditional to her breed her fur is short, smooth, and white; both of her her eyes are blue. She happens to be deaf in her left ear. She and her mother are the only two in their family who share this trait. Within the universe of the comic, Lucy is generally considered very attractive by those around her, despite her near-constant apathetic or even grouchy-looking expression. In earlier parts of the comic, Lucy is often portrayed as angry, grumpy, or prone to pouting in most situations, while in later parts she's portrayed as more muted and apathetic.

Lucy is largely seen wearing little or no clothing, the exceptions being accessories like backpacks and a pink ribbon around her neck. The ribbon had been given to her by her Mother when she was a child and is a trademark of hers throughout the majority of the comic. Lucy's association to the color pink is extended to other clothes (in the few instances she wears them), including when she wore a pink nightgown to her friend Daisy's sleepover[1] or a pink shirt underneath a lavender coat and jeans in one intermission page.[2]

When Lucy relocates back to Roseville High in the chapter “Love Again”, she is wearing her private school uniform, consisting of a navy-blue sweater, black skirt, stockings and shoes.

Personality Edit

Lucy is depicted early on as an archetypal "tsundere" character; she is rude, condescending and often violent to those around her. As she develops more over time, she begins to show traits of insecurity and dependency issues alongside her more aggressive side, especially around Mike.

In kindergarten Lucy would often play in solitude as she held no interest in girl games to fit in with the other girls and was excluded by the boys due to her gender. Lucy would eventually normalize to being alone and convinced herself any interaction from another child would have some ulterior motive.[3] Befriending Mike would later bring about a more dependent nature, further isolating her feelings from others.

When Lucy began middle-school she found herself receiving more attention from other students, the concept of which was foreign to her. What came out of this attention was a notably violent, competitive and abrasive Lucy. Despite all this, she still often exhibits a sweet and loving nature toward her friends, to whom she is fiercely loyal.

History Edit

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Lucy was born and raised alongside with her older brothers in Roseville. Her earliest interactions outside of her family first began when she first met Mike in preschool, of whom started the interaction by inquiring about her interest in boy games, likely something that may have been from having older brothers. Unfortunately for Mike, as he lamented in Left Behind Lucy for some reason didn't find this amusing at all and began going out of her way in competing in everything against him to prove she was better [4]. Mike would eventually tire of this rivalry as the year went on. They would both find themselves separated in their Kindergarten year. Upon failing to find Mike, Lucy understood she needed to find new friends, but she would find herself unable to get along with the other girls due to her disinterest in dolls and other girly toys, and found herself unable to play with the boys because they didn't want to play with a girl. For that year, Lucy either played or sat by herself alone, only regarding interactions from other people as being driven by motive rather than regarding her.

Lucy and Mike would reunite in preschool, much to the chagrin of the later who wanted nothing further to do with her. However Lucy would insist on being friends realising from her past year experience that Mike was the closest person she could consider one. Overtime Lucy would show Mike a more sincere and friendly side of her she never showed previously.

In third grade Lucy would once again feel isolated and alone, this time by Mike as his attention would turn to Sandy, a girl whom he met and began crushing on during Lucy's absence in Kindergarten. Feeling abandoned but not wanting to relive the same feeling she had during kindergarten, Lucy would resolve to become more independent of Mike and anyone else. This would lead to Lucy having the most miserable year despite attempts by Sandy to befriend her and include her in their games. During this time Lucy would discover Yashy's egg and began instilling it with her trust and love in place of those around her. Sandy would leave at the end of the year, leaving Mike with Lucy again. Because of this, Lucy would once again find herself closer to Mike and being unable to fulfill her earlier obligation to becoming more independent.

Life would once again resume as normal until Lucy and Mike began their first day of middle school, where Lucy found herse. Having only experienced loneliness for the greater part of her childhood, Lucy became afraid at the sudden jolt of attention. Not desiring attention of that nature again, Lucy made the conclusion the competitive and abrasive attitude she had in her preschool year made her appear less desirable, and fell back to that behavior, leading to the Lucy seen throughout most of the comic.

Despite this change in behavior, Lucy would find more friends, including Daisy as an acquaintance of Mike, and Paulo when he arrived in the fifth grade, of whom she developed an early crush on. They would be eventually joined by Sue in their freshman year, who begged Lucy to be allowed into their group. Lucy would agree as she didn't find Sue particularly annoying.


Lucy and Mike Edit

Lucy befriended Mike in kindergarten despite an earlier rocky start in preschool. She developed a crush on him and would soon grow very attached and dependent of him. Despite loving him, Lucy would exhibit most of her meaner traits on Mike, often insulting or even hurting him. Even after Mike began to like Lucy back, she would continue to mistreat him and push him away.

During their trip to Acapulco she would begin to question her behavior around him, worrying he won't be there for her forever.[5] She would later confess her feelings to him, but by this point he had already started dating Sandy and no longer felt the way he used to about her. Their relationship would grow more distant, eventually leading to Mike resenting Lucy for how she's acted around him.

Although Lucy tried to restore their friendship, Mike later ended his relationship with her, calling her a parasite and telling her no one really cares about her.[6] This causes her to break down, with further interactions with him leading to her attempted suicide.[7]

After spending a semester at a different school, Lucy returned to Roseville High, seemingly better, although she avoided Mike. She appears somewhat resentful of him, but has yet to interact with him beyond this.

Lucy and Paulo Edit

Because Paulo found Lucy attractive, he has always been attentive toward her. Lucy seems to find Paulo charming and considers him to be a close friend, but due to her feelings for Mike, she never fully returned his feelings.

Lucy has turned to Paulo for physical attention more than once, usually in response to rejection from Mike. She even visited him during the time she spent transferred to another school (though he was unconscious in the hospital at the time).[8]

Despite never reciprocating Paulo's feelings for her, several non-canon stories like Another Path depict the two in a loving relationship.

Lucy and Augustus Edit

As a fellow loner, Augustus and Lucy had a complex relationship initially. The two would often tease and insult each other over their respective mistakes and broken relationships with others. This resulted in the two eventually getting to know each other more and becoming better friends.

When Lucy attempted suicide, Augustus was the one who found her and called an ambulance.[9] She would later return to Roseville High acting much more friendly toward him. After learning of his having to repeat senior year, Lucy and her family convince Augustus to move in with them. 

Lucy and Daisy Edit

Daisy and Lucy don't have the closest of friendships, knowing each other mostly through mutual friends. Although the two have little in common and rarely interact without others present, they've still known each other all throughout elementary school and consider each other good friends. 

Lucy and Sue Edit

Sue is another one of Lucy's oldest and closest friends, enough to give her an affectionate nickname. Though the two don't interact as often, Sue is still one of the friends Lucy trusts the most. Sue frequently looks out for Lucy and has attempted to help her with her relationship issues throughout the comic.

Lucy and her family Edit

Lucy has a very protective family, given her history and drama with her friends. Her two brothers, Jordan and Sam, are especially protective of her when it comes to the boys in her life. After Lucy became suicidal, her parents decided to transfer her to another school for her own safety. They eventually allowed her return to Roseville High, albeit still very concerned about her well being.

Lucy and her pets Edit

Lucy has three pets, Lily, Yashy, and Chirpy. Lily is a hedgehog, and the oldest of the three. She assumes a very motherly role toward Lucy and the other pets, offering life advice throughout Lucy's different experiences. Yashy is more excitable and would regularly sneak into school with Lucy up until high school. She would be incredibly defensive and protective of Lucy, who she sees as a mother. Chirpy is Lucy's bird.


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