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Welcome to the Bittersweet Candy Bowl Wiki, an extensive database about the online webcomic Bittersweet Candy Bowl that can be edited by all! There are currently 44 pages on this wiki and any help is always appreciated! You can help in a variety of ways, whether that's adding a page, updating information, adding links, checking for grammar, or even adding just a word! If you need any help, feel free to contact Ribbzey! Any other editors can feel free to add their usernames for contact in case people need help.

About the ComicEdit

Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a high school, slice-of-life webcomic, authored by Veronica "Taeshi" Vera and Oliver "Souppy", "SuitCase" Bareham. The comic follows the lives of its four main characters, namely Lucy, Mike, Paulo and Daisy and focuses on the lives and relationships of these childhood friends, detailing their everyday lives and romantic entanglements as they try to navigate high school and all of the problems that come with it. Set in 2008, the story began during the characters' 8th grade year and while still ongoing, the comic is set to end at the end of the main characters' junior year. The comic updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST.

Website DetailsEdit

The site is divided into six sections. They are as followed:

Archive: All the comic pages are hosted here, from the first chapter to the newest page.

About: A list of all of the characters in the comic, with short personality descriptions and fun-to-know information on the characters, such as birthdays. This page also gives you insight into the history of BCB and some information on the authors.

Store: The store contains a lot of BCB merchandise the fans can purchase, including books, keychains, posters, a Lucy figurine, and more!

Candybooru: Candybooru is a fanart gallery, with work being contributed by the fans and sometimes the author herself. There are currently over 8,000+ pieces of fanart in the gallery. NSFW images are not allowed.

Extras: As its name suggests, this page contains the extras of the comic/site.

  • Comic's We Love: A list of Veronica's and Oliver's favorite webcomics.
  • Graveyard: This section contains a number of comics that were part of the original storyline and eliminated in the November 2009 site\comic refresh. These are considered "half-canonical", and most of have been replaced in the actual comic. A bonus comic is also included here.
  • Other Links: Features BCB's TV Tropes page, Veronica's deviantART, a BCB baby quiz, and much more!
  • Things We've Done: A list of things that Veronica and Oliver have done outside of BCB. Section comprises of interviews and guest comics.
  • Banners & Buttons: A few buttons/banners that can be put on other sits to show your love for BCB and help spread the word about it.

Club: Bittersweet Club International is a members-only section of BCB that gives access to bonus comics written by Veronica. It costs $39 annually.

Latest activityEdit

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