Amaya is a supporting character in Bittersweet Candy Bowl. She is the best friend of Sue, and is more often than not seen along side her. She works at the local Cinema.

Amaya is notable for making a number of appearances in the comic without dialog, this is due to her choice of being a selective mute as a result of her shyness. She is capable of speech and was almost demonstrated in Critical Hit[1]


Amaya does not make too many appearances which gives greater insight into her character. She has been noted in the about pages to be well mannered, quiet and shy. She has a penchant to care about the people around her and demonstrates some form of concern through her facial expressions.


Amaya is often seen wearing a Red Ribbon around her neck in similar fashion to Lucy, however Amaya's ribbon is smaller and hangs from the front. She wears her Cinema attire when at work which is inspired from attire inspired of the earlier 1940's; which consists a small red cap, white top, red vest and black slacks.


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Amaya and SueEdit

Amaya is Sue's closest friend and is almost always seen along side her in the comic. They were both present at Daisy's sleep over, Rachel's Birthday Party, during the Museum Trip and when they roleplayed as their RPG characters at a pop-convention.

They both play an online game together.

Amaya and PauloEdit

Amaya is considered a friend to Paulo however it's not been shown how this had come to be.

Amaya and AbbeyEdit

Amaya knows Abbey through an online game they play together.

Amaya and StacyEdit

Amaya knows Stacy through an online game they play together.

Amaya and MikeEdit

Amaya knows Mike through an online game they play together.


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